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How to Buy Litecoin LTC in the UK

how to buy litecoin

You can purchase Litecoin directly on the Ledger Live application through Coinify. When you buy Litecoin on the Ledger Live app, it automatically goes to your hardware wallet. This way, Ledger allows you to buy not just Litecoin but many other cryptocurrencies directly through its wallet. With an active development community, Litecoin introduced most of the updates that were later adopted by the Bitcoin network.

how to buy litecoin

The payments we receive for those placements affects how and where advertisers’ offers appear on the site. This site does not include all companies or products available within the market. The quickest way to purchase Litecoin via online banking is by using it as a deposit method with eToro. Here you can analyze the best providers for each payment method when investing in Litecoin. Now, deposit funds into Binance using your preferred payment method.

How to Buy Litecoin UK

The Forbes Advisor editorial team is independent and objective. The cheapest provider is Binance UK, with fees starting at 0.075%. Litecoin is a worthwhile investment because of its dedicated team that strives to improve it. Recently, the coin added MWEB (Mimblewimble Extension Blocks), improving privacy. Upgrades like this make LTC bullish as it stands out from the crowd and provides real-world utility. This segment covers some of the leading platforms for buying Litecoin without sharing your personal details.

  • You’ll also find information about how to use a crypto platform, the investment potential of LTC, payment methods, wallets, and UK laws and tax guidance around Litecoin.
  • This includes a portfolio that focuses purely on digital currencies.
  • A conversion fee may be charged for deposits in other currencies than the account-denominated currency.
  • In 2018, Wirex added Litecoin to its list of crypto assets, letting users convert GBP, EUR, and USD to Litecoin directly.
  • You need to ask yourself how long you want to hold your Litecoin.
  • This makes sense given that the cryptocurrency markets go hand in hand with such a potentially volatile environment.
  • Put simply, regulatory bodies enforce strict rules on crypto platforms.

There is no such thing as risk-free trading, no matter what the financial asset. If you time the market and predict the rise or fall of Litecoin correctly, you will make gains. In this guide, we have talked about a wide variety of factors to be mindful of when electing to buy Litecoin online. Hopefully, you feel ready to join the droves of investors buying cryptocurrencies every day. Our How to Buy Litecoin Guide found that the average fee charged is around 3% of your transaction amount. Cashing out your Litecoin at eToro is a completely different experience than the aforementioned crypto exchanges.


The platform has no specific deposit fees, but you must factor in transaction fees when exchanging. It also provides trading through its Changelly Pro arm, where you can put your money to work. Although Revolut focuses on simple transactions, the platform also provides cryptocurrency services. Users can convert crypto to fiat currency in only a matter of seconds. also ensures they cater to beginner traders by offering a wide array of educational materials on their website. They also provide articles, glossaries, and courses that help get you up to speed in the markets.

how to buy litecoin

The platform is simple to use and requires no prior experience in investing. You can complete your Litecoin purchase online or via the Coinbase app. For example, although you need to deposit at least $50, the minimum Litecoin investment is just $25. Stocks and ETFs are slightly higher at $50, but this is still small in comparison to other online brokers. On top of low fees and affordable minimums, eToro is great if you want to invest passively.

Best Exchanges to Buy Litecoin in the UK

To give you a better idea – Litecoin might be $80.42 when you hit confirm on your market order. We have mentioned a few times now that the price of Litecoin shifts almost constantly, second by second. This is an important thing to be mindful of, especially if your goal is to make gains from these short-term price shifts.

A hyperlink to or positive reference to or review of a broker or exchange should not be understood to be an endorsement of that broker or exchange’s products or services. You should bear in mind that all cryptocurrencies are unregulated in the UK. Exchange fees are charged for conversion, trading, or other related services. For example, conversions on Binance are cheaper than eToro at 0.1% per trade compared to 1% charged by the latter. The network fee is the charge the blockchain takes for processing transactions.

Buy Litecoin Using a Debit Card – The Cheapest Way

The minimum price of Litecoin is expected to be $199, and the average trading price for 2025 is predicted at $205. The May crypto market crash was a case in point, which wiped off 50% of the crypto market valuation how to buy litecoin in one week. This was due to a regulatory clampdown by Chinese authorities on crypto mining in its Inner Mongolia regions. Bitcoin and Litecoin plummeted in value, slumping to $113.16 on July 19.

Over time, Litecoin’s price has increased, though it also has seen several shorter-term declines. Litecoin was never intended to replace Bitcoin, according to its founder Charlie Lee. The cryptocurrency’s role as a peer-to-peer digital currency complements its older sibling. It, however, has some slight distinctions, such as cheaper and faster transactions. To add a payment method, tap or click on the [From] field of the transaction form to reveal a drop-down list of options to use. To reduce these risks, you can opt for more established and trustworthy exchanges.

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