The 12 Best Bitcoin Wallets in 2022

As I explained above, crypto wallets help you to store and retrieve your cryptocurrency. Desktop wallets store your private keys in your local PC’s hard drive. Accessible interface – An accessible, intuitive user interface is always welcome, regardless of whether you’re a crypto veteran or a newbie. Look for wallets that don’t make you jump through hoops to start basic trading. As with other exchanges that feature both a custodial and non-custodial wallet, it’s important to make the distinction between the two. You can download the DeFi Wallet and use it for your day-to-day crypto activities without having to create an account on’s exchange platform.

KeepKey-Bitcoin-Wallet Keepkey is again a sleek and secured hardware crypto wallet that helps you store, verify, and transact securely with your computer. It validates your bitcoin transaction and provides you with the most secure key with its built-in random number generated system. WazirX is one of the best bitcoin wallet in India that allows you to buy, sell & trade digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin with complete ease. This one of the best crypto wallet in India provides a seamless and powerful trading experience across all platforms.

Fortunately, there exists a wide variety of different wallet systems that are each tailored to different accessibility and security needs. With a account, you can create an IBAN to manage EUR funds, which you can use to buy and sell cryptos and perform crypto-powered bank transfers within the SEPA zone. There are several types of Bitcoin wallets, each with its own characteristics and use cases. Pros 👍Key features of the hardware cryptocurrency wallet DeFi Wallet include the ability to engage in peer-to-peer crypto swaps and a diverse range of tools for earning passive income from existing cryptocurrencies. The ability to spend crypto online or in shops really sets our solution apart in our opinion, as the app provides you with everything you need for Bitcoin in one place. You can even order your own crypto card and finally spend Bitcoin or over 800 other cryptos as as real money!

Ledger Nano S Plus is the newly designed and updated version of popular Ledger Nano S wallet. It doesn’t have a battery and only starts when plugged into a computer (or mobile device). Pros 👍Robinhood is beginner-friendly, with a simple interface and access to stocks as well as cryptocurrencies. OK, we know what you’re thinking — of course, we’re going to recommend our own product.

  • The bitcoin wallet is like an online bank account where you keep all your bitcoins safe.
  • It comes with a built-in buy and sell feature that allows you to buy hundreds of cryptocurrencies, with fiat support for both euros and pound sterling.
  • Overall, the cryptocurrency wallets we present here are some of the best hot wallet solutions available.
  • The Mycelium wallet, one of the original crypto wallets dating back to 2008, is a Bitcoin-only wallet that works well for novices and advanced users.

You can also sell your Bitcoins instantly on our exchange at low fees. These wallets are only as secure as your desktop device, so one downside is the potential for funds to be vulnerable to viruses or hackers. These are physical devices designed to store Bitcoin offline, making them highly secure from online threats. If you want to choose the best Bitcoin wallet, the primary factor to consider is whether you prefer a hot wallet or a cold wallet. The Bitcoin market is growing rapidly, with institutional interest and mainstream adoption now at unprecedented levels.

The Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2022

Its complex user interface makes it suitable for only those with advanced crypto skills. Though Mycelium is mainly a bitcoin-focused wallet, it also supports ether and other ERC-20 tokens. Additional features include in-app exchange, trading, and educational resources. OPOLO’s mobile app is only available on Android devices, but the wallet is also available on Mac, Windows, and Linux for users with desktops or laptops. If you’re a regular user of applications on the Ethereum blockchain, chances are you’ve come across MetaMask.

These physical devices are always offline which prevents hackers from gaining access. Notably, the wallet may incur high transaction fees on its in-wallet crypto exchange, potentially impacting users seeking cost-effective trading options. There are free web, mobile and desktop wallets available for storing crypto coins. The only charges that you need to pay are the network transaction fees when you do a transaction that goes to coin miners. The Cool Wallet S offers a secure element with 2+1 factor authentication and anti-tampering technology. Your private keys are stored in a chipset having military-grade security.

The Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2022

Guarda is a multi-platform wallet that serves as a modern solution for crypto management. The wallet’s industry-leading desktop-based application comprises a web interface, a desktop software application, and a Chrome extension. A drawback of the Electrum wallet is that it supports only Bitcoin, making it unsuitable for investors with diverse portfolios.

Bitcoin has experienced multiple crashes throughout its lifespan, but its most recent one has left a lasting impression on mainstream culture. Reaching an all-time high of more than $65,000 in November 2021, its market value has declined as part of a general crypto price drop, briefly dipping under $20,000 in June 2022. Nonetheless, for existing Robinhood users, the Robinhood Wallet is a strong alternative to using another platform or software.

Security is strong with all ten potential contenders, but I myself would choose Mycelium or the Trezor Model T as the top pick based on its high quality of service. However, if you’re interested in being the sole caretaker of your private keys is a good choice for you. Likewise, any person who gets ahold of your private keys has full access to your crypto. With Ellipal, you can convert your coins to any supported currency without needing to transfer to an online exchange.

Electrum is highly secure and remains a top choice for advanced investors who have Bitcoin-only portfolios, making it our choice for the best overall Bitcoin wallet. Exodus Wallet has a simple user interface that makes it ideal for both new and experienced crypto investors, while Guarda and Mycelium allow users to manage their crypto portfolios on several interfaces. Trezor and Ledger exhibit optimum security and durability, respectively, but they also have high prices. Electrum wallet supports only Bitcoin transactions and boasts advanced security features, making it suitable for advanced Bitcoin users. Created by Thomas Voegtling and launched in 2011, Electrum is headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

The Best Bitcoin Wallets of 2022

As a self-custody wallet, only users hold their private key, meaning they have full ownership and control of their crypto and NFTs. The wallet features a clean, minimalist design that is convenient for beginner crypto enthusiasts, can connect to a wide range of dApps and supports multiple blockchains, including Ethereum and Polygon. Coinbase-Bitcoin-Wallet Coinbase is a web-type crypto wallet that has recently become the largest online platform for buying or selling bitcoins securely. With a user-friendly approach and enormous fan base, it is no surprise that Coinbase has its digital bitcoin wallet. Ledger-Bitcoin-Wallet With its sleek design, multi-currency support, and optimal security, Ledger tops the list of best crypto wallets available in 2022. It is a hardware type of crypto wallet, so there is no doubt on the security part.

This app gives users total control over their private keys while offering robust management of their valuable coins across multiple networks with convenient backup options. Hot storage wallets are easier to access and use on the go, so they are commonly used for trading, small transactions, and so on. At the same time, cold wallets are meant to hold big amounts of funds, so they are ideal for long-term hodlers and investors. A BTC wallet, or Bitcoin wallet, stores your crypto funds safely — as long as you look after the private keys! A BTC wallet is a piece of software or a physical device that stores bitcoins.

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